Clone Wars Season 5: Younglings and Nightbrothers

Season 5 felt different from the previous seasons. It felt like an introduction to new people, new hope, and new fears. The story arc with the younglings was touching and “The Gathering” also makes my top five episodes of the series. Having more interactions with Darth Maul and Savage Oppress was fun. Let’s delve into what this season brought us.

Where’s My Stone?

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I never knew that Jedi built their own lightsabers. Was that covered in the films? (This was mentioned in Return of the Jedi when Vader told Luke that Luke’s skills are complete now that he constructed a new lightsaber, and it’s been an important component in many of the videogames. ed.) The first I heard of this was when I saw a YouTube video of people having the experience of building one at Galaxy’s Edge. (Yes, I put a pin in this to do in the future).

It was a delightful surprise to learn that young Jedi’s in training go on an adventure to find the stone that makes up their lightsaber (episode 6, “The Gathering”). I felt the lessons more directly in the story arc for the younglings. They have to try their best, but also, there’s a bigger picture of looking out for one another. I turned off the part of my brain that wondered what happened to them and just enjoyed the story arc for what it was. Yoda will tell us more about it in the future, I’m sure.

Brother, You are Heard

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Darth Maul has a lot of legitimate baggage. He was left underground, wounded, and filled with thoughts about a granola guy that goes on about having the “higher ground”. It would drive anyone insane. The way that Maul sees it, he went from being Darth Sidious’ apprentice to just another has-been muscle guy. In a normal guy, that would burn and cause a lot of trauma. Darth Maul was a warrior infused with black magic by a coven of witches. A lot of top-notch people have invested time, magic and force energy in you and it hasn’t really gotten you anywhere. I’d be angry.

Savage Oppress was a ray of light for Darth Maul. Yes, he had to go through the same seance too, but he kept a bit of his humanity. From the moment he met Maul, he was honest. He explained that yes, they came from a broken home and what the witches performed could be labeled traumatic, but now they had each other. Survivors of black magic and darkness, they were now two guys who just happened to have a strength that rivaled Jedi.

Darth Maul wanted revenge. His brother wanted what was best for both of them. What happened to them in Mandalore deeply affected Darth Maul. I don’t approve of his actions, but after watching this season I completely understand.

I’m a Rebel Now

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I think we felt this coming way before. If Ahsoka had the same rebellious streak as Anakin, how would she last? I watched The Clone Wars for a better handle on the origins of The Mandalorian, but I took so much more away from it. It may take me some time, but I have put a pin in the Rebels cartoon to see what happened to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka’s frustration was a mirror of my own. There’s a lot of bad shit happening and you can feel it in the air that it’s coming from the top. She’s asking the right questions. For the council to dismiss her questions and to also think she had gone rogue at one point is disappointing. Are the great Jedi leaders that obtuse or did it to play out that way to match up with the films? I would have sensed the Chancellor’s evil after one assembly, but I also don’t assume best intentions the way those with the Force do. I wish for great things for Ahsoka and I want to meet up with her again.

Sabrina Monet
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