Clone Wars Season 6: Love and Eternity

By the time I got to Season 6, we were hours away from season 7 being loaded on Disney+. I was excited. It had been a long journey and I thought I knew where we were headed. It turns out I was wrong. We got a lot of Yoda in the sixth season and things started going south with our happy couple. Also, let’s talk about how really smart people with extraordinary powers can share elevators with the epitomes of evil and not know it. That I’m having a hard time with.

Is This Jealousy?

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For a cartoon, the relationship between Padme and Anakin was handled maturely. They were adults, each with their own lives that happened to be keeping their marriage a secret. How often can a Jedi come out of the Senator’s house before there’s talk? Well, if they can’t figure out that the Chancellor is Palpatine then they probably were clueless to a marriage story happening right down the hall from them.

I liked Padme a lot more in this series than in the films. She’s strong, self-assured, and she doesn’t mince words. This isn’t a situation where she’s clueless in the relationship and has no idea what her husband has turned into. That being said, she’s the only one in history who’s ever asked Darth Vader to chill and not worry about that other guy that’s creeping on her.

I’m not calling it a love triangle or a presumed love triangle because Clovis was always a non-factor to me. It was shocking that as soon as he tried to insinuate that there may be something about his relationship with Padme that Anakin force-choked him. I wish Clovis had lived long enough to see Vader and to have a minute where he thinks, “How embarrassing, I tried to fight that guy once.”

I don’t think the relationship was doomed from the start. They loved each other. There were just too many haters.

Do We See It Now?

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Every time the Chancellor has a scene I want to wipe the smirk off his face. Has no one noticed it? Their economy is collapsing and there are dozens of planets starving. People are hurt and dying, but this guy is always walking around with a smile on his face. How is that not suspicious?

I’m too angry to remember – does Count Dooku know the true identity of the Chancellor? Or is he just as shocked as everyone else? The day he learned, I wonder if his eyebrow went up on one side and he thought to himself, “that guy?” I can’t believe that guy gets to terrorize an entire universe for another half a century and that it takes his own family member to kill him.

I don’t even need much. All it would take to placate me would be one side-eye glance from Windu to the Chancellor. The justified feeling of knowing that they know, but they can’t quite put their finger on the ramifications of it all, but they’re working it out in their mind.

Knowledge Can Also Hurt

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Watching Yoda with the younglings reminded me how much the older Jedis truly care about the community. The lessons that start each episode are genuinely the foundation that the Jedi start.

Before I completed this system I assumed that Yoda was psychic. I thought he could read my thoughts and was wise beyond whatever age he was. In season six, we learn that this knowledge came during the Clone Wars and it took a toll.

I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as I can. A Jedi from the past reaches out to Yoda with an important message. This sends Yoda on a three-episode journey to learn more about this message and it also ends season 6.

When Yoda comes back from his trip, he is ambiguous about what he’s learned. Obi-Wan asks him if he’s learned anything about the Clone Wars and their fate. Yoda calmly tells him that they have lost the war already, but not to worry, a new hope is coming soon. They walked calmly together towards their future. I doubt Obi-Wan knew that the loss would be the loss of everything and that he would spend the next twenty years waiting for this new hope.

I’m pessimistic by nature, but I’m looking forward to continue watching season 7 and regardless of what happens, I’ve enjoyed my time and grown with the characters.

Sabrina Monet
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