Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 1: The Bad Batch

If Peckinpah and Fonda had been alive to create an episode for Clone Wars – it would look something like “The Bad Batch”. With an introduction of clone characters that resembled heroes of action films past, this action-packed episode got the blood pumping for the final season.

Rooting for the Clones

I have the benefit of having binged seasons 1 – 6 prior to the premiere of the final season. Early this morning I went from Yoda learning the secrets of the universe to Captain Rex wondering if one of his men thought to be dead wasn’t.

Captain Rex is teamed up with a defective group of clones that call themselves the bad batch. Hunter (looks like Rambo), Tech (a young Patrick Stewart), Wrecker (big, gym guy), and Crosshairs (a sharpshooter of few words). This motley crew goes with Rex behind enemy lines to infiltrate battlefield intel from a cyber center.

This episode has battles that play a strong role in the series. Droids versus clones and a spacecraft narrowly getting through tight corners. If you’re strictly showing up for the action, there’s a lot of that.

A Clone with Doubt

courtesy of Disney+

There have been plenty of episodes where we have seen how Captain Rex has put his PTSD aside to deal with war and his duties. He’s lost friends like Echo and Fives. There is a lot of loss and pain that he hasn’t processed and on top of that he has a sneaking suspicion that someone is stealing his playbook and fixing the game. (How many people have yelled “it’s the Chancellor” at their television screen like it would change what lies ahead?)

Having the knowledge of what lies ahead for some of the main characters makes me less anxious, but I don’t know what happens to Captain Rex specifically and he’s grown on me in the past few seasons. There’s a part of my brain that remembers the prequel films and I think with the viewing of this final season I will have to open up to the prequels to allow The Clones Wars to soak in and have closure when we end this season.

Does the Hair Equal the Beginning of the Crazy?

courtesy of Disney+

The hair has gotten longer and the eyebrows are a smidge thicker. Is this when it begins? We saw him force choke a guy in the last season. Is the Vader slowly seeping into Anakin now? How crushed will I be when Ahsoka learns who he turns into?

We’re over 100 episodes committed to this series and this is the beginning of the end. I don’t know what I want to hope for. We have lost a lot of people along the way and learned the origin stories of others, but one thing is for sure, everyone with us for the ride now is not an expendable static character but an actual team player. Good or bad, it will be sad to see some meet their demise in this series (if that happens). I’m looking forward to the weeks to come.

Sabrina Monet
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