Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 3: On the Wings of Keeradaks

They gave us more dragons. Can we ask for more in this episode? I’m one of the first to complain if an episode is too dark in lighting or if they’re cooped up indoors for too long. With this episode, they gave us the sky.


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Is it fair to have things called the decimator? It’s like having multiple deathstars, it’s just cheating and ruins the game for everyone. Luckily for our crew, they think fast on their feet.

I’m happy to see Echo rejoining the team, but as they removed those Neo from Matrix tubes out of him, it had me wonder if we’re heading into a storyline where something will be wrong with him. There’s no time to dwell on this because there are dragons.


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It doesn’t matter how much time will pass, influence will always be drawn from the original Indiana Jones movies. The stand-off in this episode was reminicient of the bridge scene from Temple of Doom. Leave it up to Tech to record the distress sound so they can call the keeradaks.

The flying scene was part Avatar, part Game of Thrones except we know that our Jon Snow in Clone Wars doesn’t lose it quite yet (and just may make it through the remainder of the series without turning).

When they land safely with the villagers we are put in a situation that General Skywalker and Captain Rex are stellar at – convincing a scared group of people that the best course of action is to stand up to the bad guys and fight. They convinced them and then they won with Anakin showing off some hardcore Jedi skills.

Just Like Old Times

courtesy of Disney+

I lean towards fear and anxiety. I think there’s a ticking time bomb inside Rex and we have some work cut out for us ahead. Whatever happens, Rex and Echo are teaming up again so I won’t worry for either of them. We are a quarter of the way through the series – does anyone believe we will see Vader streaks before the final curtain? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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