Clone Wars Season 7 Episode 4: Unfinished Business

The Bad Batch story arc came to a close. The misfit crew went on what might be their final adventure with Captain Rex and Jedi friends. This episode gave us something that I have been waiting for and I’m excited to see it!

Windu Fears Nothing

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While Echo’s plan was to scramble droid minds, Master Windu was on the front line fighting said droids. Not once did he fear the team would not come through for him and even with a missing number, he held it together before giving us a Jedi 7. I appreciated his cool and his purple lightsaber and I hope to see more of him this season. Between Anakin’s angst and Kenobi’s quiet pain, I like having someone around that feels real. Windu is the guy with a lightsaber that you might actually run into at a bbq. You’d find out he had a really cool, undercover job, but he wouldn’t come out and tell you all about it.

Admiral Trench Didn’t See It Coming

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I live in the grey area. I would probably have a grey lightsaber if I were able to pass the academy. Something that has always annoyed me is this belief that there is a clear line between good and evil and that you reside on either one side or the other. The reason I had a problem with this is that this belief system allows people like Palpatine, and Dooku, and Trench to concoct these plans that only come to fruition because everyone is blissfully in the dark with their eyes wide open.

I clapped when Trench met the other side of Anakin in this episode. It was about time. I hope we see more of this Anakin. Before he goes full Vader, it will be a joy to see him accomplish jobs faster without that pesky belief of things either being good or bad. Yeah, it’ll get very bad once it happens, but the grey area’s not that bad if we can learn to live there.

Best Droid Finish Goes to…

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Echo saved the day with his plan. Windu and Kenobi went from being surrounded by hundreds of droids to being a room with just each other for company. That’s a soldier to have on your team. Wrecker was fun to watch as he smashed an entire hallway of droids with his body. Crosshair showed finesse when he used one shot to zig-zag through an entire line of droids. It was all impressive, but the best finish has to go to Anakin. The force and lightsaber combo is always great to watch.

They all work great as a team and it was no surprise to me that Echo felt more comfortable now with the bad batch. I don’t know where this series is headed, but a small part of me hopes that the Bad Batch made it out and their story continued after all the bad happened.

Sabrina Monet
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