The Rise of Kylo Ren

The Rise of Kylo Ren is a Marvel comic book series by Charles Soule that started December 2019. It tells the story of Ben Solo becoming Kylo Ren not shown in the movies. It starts with the scene from The Last Jedi with Luke’s flashback of him standing over Ben with his lightsaber, contemplating killing him because he can see the dark side is strong in him. The story continues with Ben burning down the school and the other students. He assumes Luke is dead because he can’t sense him with the Force. He starts his journey with the dark side, leaving the school ablaze and in search for a trainer.

The comics tell more about what happened that night. We learn about three of his classmates who were off planet survive the fire and follow him. Readers also learn more about how Kylo met Snoke and their relationship. Readers learn how he got the name Kylo Ren and what pushed him to submit to the darkness running in his blood from Vader.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

The third issue shows his involvement with the Knights of Ren. These comics show more about the Knights of Ren and how powerful they are. Little is known about them in the movies alone. We see more of them in The Rise of Skywalker; however, their intimidating power isn’t displayed as fiercely.

The comics show how exclusive and ruthless the group is. It gives Ben’s fight against them in The Rise of Skywalker a lot more depth. The fight was an intense battle after his redemption. However, the Knights didn’t show to be much of a challenge for someone as highly trained as Ben Solo.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Overall, the story adds a lot to the character of Ben Solo. The readers see more of Ben’s side of the story and have a better understanding of why he turned to the dark. He shows the constant battle he has between the light and the dark that continues into the the trilogy.

The emotions are perfectly displayed throughout the comics. The artwork is detailed and vibrant. Will Sliney illustrated the comics with realistic images that brings the readers into the story. The images of well-known characters such as Luke Skywalker and Ben Solo strongly resemble the characters in the movies.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Issue #3 ended on a cliff hanger. Even though it is a prequel, readers are left wondering how this series will end. We know Kylo Ren becomes the leader of the Knights of Ren in the movie trilogy, but the comics take place many years before that. Will he have to kill his remaining classmates for the title? Will we see signs of Ben Solo’s temptation to answer the call to the light? Will Luke Skywalker have an appearance? Or will Kylo Ren complete his initiation into the Knights of Ren with more kills?

The Rise of Kylo Ren Issue #4 will be released on March 11, 2020. The paperback of all four books will be released May 12, 2020.

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