Welcome to StarWars.community

We welcome you to StarWars.community, a new home for all Star Wars fans and enthusiasts. Last week, we finally launched our brand new website.

I’m very grateful and excited that I’m finally able to say it out loud: StarWars.community is live!

In the past few weeks we have been working hard on our new website, as announced earlier on TheMandalorian.net. After a lengthy application process, we have ultimately formed a team that is scattered around the world and has affinity with Star Wars, writing, and creative ideas.

About StarWars.community

Our content consists mainly of Star Wars news, interviews, and other original content (e.g. articles such as reviews and columns). We might also add a forum to this in the future.

A little background: StarWars.community (formerly TheMandalorian.net) is a sister-site to both StarWarsAwakens.com (the largest Dutch-speaking Star Wars community) and StarWarsInterviews.com: the largest collection of exclusive Star Wars interviews worldwide.
Our collaboration with Star Wars Interviews offers us the opportunity to share these unique interviews (190+ and still counting!) – conducted by Dennis Pellegrom – with our followers.

Star Wars community, you’re our only hope

Our team is looking forward to contribute to connecting Star Wars fans worldwide by offering them a platform on which they can anticipate and discuss all of the future Star Wars content that will be coming out on Disney+ and in the cinema. That being said, we could definitely use a news editor or two to join our team. Are you interested in writing Star Wars content for a large audience? Please read this article for all the details and contact us at info@starwars.community.

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you will feel right at home. Please consider following us on social media:

Season 2 will hit Disney+ this October. This is the way.

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