What Jedi: Fallen Order brought to canon

It’s been some time since a Star Wars game brought something new to the dinner table we call canon, yet Jedi: Fallen Order has done just that. And what it brings are very interesting aspects added to the mythology behind the Force and how it’s perceived not just through the eyes of the Jedi or Sith.

If you haven’t played the game there will be some spoilers ahead. I would suggest come back here after you have played the game, or for you lore buffs out there: feel free to jump in.

A New Race, A New Hope

The Zeffo, an ancient race of Force-Wielders.

Let’s start with the introduction of the ancient race known as the Zeffo. The Zeffo or Zeffonians was a race that could wield the Force which they called the “Life Wind.” They were first mentioned in the prequel comics leading up to the release of the videogame: the Jedi Fallen Order Dark Temple series. Those among the Zeffo who could wield the “Life Wind” were referred to as Sages. Among the race, 3 Sages were considered of very high importance. Their names were Eilram, Kujet and Miktrull.

These sages were buried in very elaborate tombs in different planets when the Zeffo as a whole moved beyond their homeworld Zeffo during their time. Let’s explore each of the Zeffo Sages and what they brought to their species as a whole.

The Sages

Zeffo Sage Eilram was revered as a being of great wisdom and insight. He was a Master of the “Life Wind”. He held a high honour on his home planet Zeffo with a proving ground and academy. Eilram was the first of his species to establish a relationship with the Wookies on Kashyyyk. When Eilram died they built his burial chamber the chamber was adorned with several wind chimes and its domed roof was carved in the image of a mighty wroshyr tree. His sarcophagus was built under the stone roots of the tree, as a symbol of his love of Kashyyyk.

Sage Kujet was considered one of the great Sages of his time. He was most infamous among his culture as the Dark Side side of the Force surrounded him. He established his Palace on Dathomir centuries before the Clone Wars. Kujet was the most secluded from the rest of his race, as his Palace was difficult to reach during the height of the Zeffo’s power. He reigned in time after the other two Sages Eilram and Miktrull, Kujet was a ruthless leader in his own right. Kujet had a lot of followers to his cause and control over the “Life Wind”. From his power base on Dathomir, Kujet staged a massacre in the halls of his own Palace, reducing the rebels opposed to his rule in the ashen ruin.

The Zeffo Sage Miktrull was a very powerful being in the Force. During his lifetime, he often demanded offerings in the form of candles hanging in the air in a tomb on Zeffo. Within his Tomb on Zeffo, special torches were placed all around his resting place to just honour him, but it represented his legendary power. The temple contained complex magnetic motifs symbolic of the planet’s gravity.

Astriums and new locations

Another new thing Jedi Fallen Order brought to Canon was new kind of technology for the ancient race of the Zeffo, called Astriums. These Astriums acted like keys. The last of these was buried within Kujet’s Tomb on Dathomir. It served as a key to opening the Vault that was on the planet Bogano. During Kujet’s reign of power, he ordered the destruction of the astriums the species used in their religious practices. Kujet’s reign was noted as the decline of the Zeffo culture, and their palace was abandoned as a tomb.

A new planet that was introduced in Jedi Fallen Order was Bogano and its Vault. The vault was constructed by the Zeffonians on Bogano. It was built centuries before the Fall of the Republic. The interior walls of the Zeffo Vault were decorated with inscriptions etched into the metallic plating which made up on the walls. The Vault was only accessible by Force-Sensitives.

“There’s a fortress. Where they take Jedi. Where the Inquisitors come from. It’s a place of torture. It’s the place I escaped.” ―Cere Junda to Cal Kestis

One of my favourite new additions brought to canon. I had always wondered if the Imperial Inquisitors had their base or they were just free agents always on the move. Jedi: Fallen Order answered that for me with the introduction of Fortress Inquisitorius. This stronghold is underwater on the planet of Nur which is located in the Mustafar system. Majority of the Empire doesn’t know of its existence in part it was due to maintaining their public image of peace and security.

These are some of the new additions to canon that I wanted to highlight as for me as a Lore buff loves these. I didn’t want to cover any of the new characters because that spoils half the fun from playing the game itself and you experiencing it yourself. There is a place in the game you’ll know it when you come to it that directly connects to The Force Awakens. Leave your comments below if you know what this place was before we see it in The Force Awakens. May the Force be with you all!

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