Exclusive interview with Catherine Taber

In 2010 I had the privilege of interviewing several Clone Wars voice-actors, among which Catherine Taber – the voice of Padme Amidala. The full interview can be read at my personal site StarWarsInterviews.com (with over 190 self-conducted interviews the largest of its kind) which is a sister-site of StarWars.community. Below is a short excerpt.

How did you start in the (voice) acting business?

I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress, so, I was already here working on camera. I had actually never even heard of voice over when I was referred to a really great Voice agent through someone who thought I had the right stuff for that side of the business. Luckily the agent agreed, signed me, and the rest, as they say….

Your first job for Lucasfilm was the videogame Knights of the Old Republic, for which you voiced Mission Vao. How did you get this job?

Not only was Mission my first voice over job, it was literally my second audition! When my agent, Sandie, called to let me know I had booked the job, she said “you might not want to say it’s your first voice over job”. I did end up telling the director, Darraugh, at the end of the job, because it all went so well. He, Sandie and I had a good laugh. That job gave me some credibility early on, so I feel very fortunate to have been there. I really feel it is my own love and knowledge of the Star Wars universe that helped me to get the job. I love that game, and I still get mail from Mission Vao fans!

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