Exclusive interview with Dee Bradley Baker

In 2010 I had the privilege of interviewing several Clone Wars voice-actors, among which Dee Bradley Baker – the captain Rex, Cody, and other Clone troopers. The full interview can be read at my personal site StarWarsInterviews.com, a sister-site of StarWars.community. Below is a short excerpt.

How did you get started in the voice acting business?

I taped improv sketches as a kid with a tape recorder with low batteries then would plug it in and play it back resulting in a sped up voice, almost chipmunk. I thought it was fun to modify my voice and perform. I did ventriloquism and all kinds of performing all my life- plays, stand up, musicals, singing telegrams, theme parks, children’s theater, summer Shakespeare, operas, improv. Never studied it really, just performed A LOT. My first “big” voice over gig was voicing and moving the jaw of Olmec on Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple game show. My first animated television series was Cow and Chicken as Dad. There I learned from the great Charlie Adler and Candi Milo, as well as other brilliant guest stars how to do it.

You have done voice work for Lucasfilm for many years. How did you get started at Lucasfilm?

I was called to audition for this “unnamed” project. Had to voice match the clones, they liked me, I booked it. I’d already worked with director Dave Filoni on Nickelodeon’s Avatar television series -really proud of that show- and as well as with the incomparable voice director Andrea Romano, who was helping cast Clone Wars at the time. They knew and trusted my acting ability and I gave them what they needed, I guess. Couldn’t believe it. I’d never done anything so “normal”. Most of my roles were either cartoony or creature oriented up to that point. This was a whole new thing, plus, it was dear to me, as I really loved Star Wars as a kid. Gotta find that picture of me in the Jawa costume my folks made for me, October 1977…

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