New Hasbro reveals and Fan Choice Friday

Yesterday Hasbro held a livestream on their Hasbro Pulse Facebook channel announcing what’s to come for the Star Wars lines for Autumn 2020.

In the 6” Black series the first announcement is another Imperial stormtrooper. Didn’t we already get enough of those? Well, in this case it’s a slightly different version, apparently based of the Mandalorian stormtrooper, which in itself is based on the Rogue One stormtrooper. This one’s a bit too clean for the Mandalorian set age. It’s definitely a stormtrooper from the “spit & polish” era of the height of Imperial power.


The next one is a personal favourite of mine ever since I saw these in the Clone Wars series. It’s the Kamino Clone Trooper from the Kamino Security Force.

In the carbonized line there’s a new Darth Vader. The figure looks very cool though with a metallic blue coloring, which may reflect the more original Ralph McQuarrie designs. This seems a bit ironic to me: the man who put Han Solo in carbonite in the first place is now getting the carbon treatment.

Speaking of which, a new release in the 40th Anniversary line is Han Solo… and “they’ve put him in carbonite”. They actually put the text “carbonite” below Han Solo’s name on the vintage card in case you might not notice the difference. And although this is an The Empire Strikes Back anniversary figure, the picture on the card seems to be the one from Return of the Jedi. The figure comes with a display stand.

The 40th Anniversary line is coming with more figures from The Empire Strikes Back. There will be a two pack of 4-LOM and Zuckuss on the Kenner inspired vintage cardback. And to really honour the Kenner line, the two bounty hunters are mis-named.

The livestream announced the long awaited reveal of Luke Skywalker in his Dagobah outfit. He will be part of a two pack along with a rescaled Yoda figure. All previous Yodas were not to scale but this one will fit nicely in the training harness. Luke will have a different pair of hands so he can be posed in the single handstand position. I’m already looking forward to seeing posts from people spending hours to balance him so he stays in that position.

The only reveal in the 3.75 Vintage Collection was Luke Skywalker in his Stormtrooper disguise. Some of you may already have seen this figure from the Jedi Destiny 3-pack, but it’s still a great figure, though maybe he’s a bit short.

Another very cool addition, especially if you love the Mandalorian type helmets, is the release of The Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) Electronic Helmet. One of the coolest helmets never seen in any Star Wars movie or series… yet.

So, what about this Fan First Friday business? In short: you can vote for the next Black series Archive Figure.

The BLACK SERIES ARCHIVE line is Hasbro’s Greatest Hits assortment where hard-to-find figures or figures expensive on the secondary market will get re-released.

You can go to sites like to vote. The top 10 will be handed off to Hasbro. I put my credits on Commander Cody…

Who would you vote for?

Marc Sanders
Star Wars fan since 1977, history teacher, cosplayer (member of the 501st: Dutch garrison), Roman reenactor, filmmaker. Still waiting for a Star Wars film that surpasses The Empire Strikes Back....