The Mandalorian Chapter 12: The Siege

Red wires and blue wires. That scene, for me, was the perfect commentary on the year 2020. Something as simple as swapping two wires, if not done correctly, can result in a little blow-up. The familial interactions between Mando and the child make the show. If the entire episode was about them fixing the Razor Crest, it still would have been a great episode. Though they gave us so much more.

The Team is Back Together

The Razor Crest needs work. That’s when we find ourselves back with Greef and Cara. They leave the child safely in a class and head to their business. There are two scenes in this act that stand out as being huge life lessons. There are no truer words than when Greef says to Mando, “I’ve been steeped in clerical work”. Fighting enemies on crashing ships and dodging bullets is a lot of work, but have you ever had to turn in end-of-year fiscal reports? Give me Moff Gideon any day.

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The second stellar scene is the child eating the blue macaron. At first, he extended his palm and asked in the nice, cute baby way. The owner of the macarons refused. He gave it another beat to ensure that the request was truly being denied. He then uses the Force to take them. This scene is the closest to capturing Daniel Day-Lewis’ “I drink your milkshake” scene from There Will Be Blood. He’s a child sitting in a classroom with other children, but he could possibly be a Jedi whose power equals that of Vader. Let him have the macaron.

It’s a testament to the amount of love and camaraderie shared among the characters that after only one season, we’re so happy to see them reunited and we feel Mando’s apprehension to be separated from the child. We are a family.

This is the Plan

Greef and Cara want to take down an Empire-run base filled with weapons. When they get to the pit and start talking about reactor controls, I started having flashbacks to past Among Us games I’ve played. I don’t really know what the team is trying to accomplish, but I’m pretty sure they’re imps trying to sabotage everything in every room.

They soon learn that it’s actually a laboratory and Moff Gideon is using the child’s blood to create test subjects. (We’ll get a visual on this later). Mando heads to get the child, the remainder of the team gives us an exciting chase battle scene. Easter egg scene – when Greef is lining up a shot of the stormtrooper, and the program outlines him in red putting his arm up, was this a shoutout to his Apollo character and defeating Ivan Drago? Am I chasing zebras with this Easter egg?

The team succeeds and the Razor Crest continues on. They have a date with Ahsoka Tano in the near future. The rest of the team have moments of reflection – are they meant to join the resistance and continue the good fight.

Moff Gideon and Evil Plans

We knew they were up to no good. Harvesting the child’s blood to create an evil team of troopers with Jedi strength? Are the special troops tied to the Emperor’s clones? I’m not scared but I am intrigued. If I wasn’t so excited about Ahsoka, I’d probably care more about what Moff Gideon is up to. Right now, I just know that he is up to something that involves messing with the Force and we never see anything positive come of anyone that tries that.

Seeing the child spit up the macaron due to Mando’s expert flying is enough of an apology. He felt bad that he took them, but would have preferred that they were offered.

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