The Mandalorian Chapter 13: The Jedi

This episode was pure Star Wars magic. There isn’t a proper way to recap it because it’s an episode that needs to be seen over and over. For those that are strictly Mandalorian fans, there were revelations that warmed the heart. For those of us that came from Clone Wars and who watched the prequels, we got closure on some moments and clarity on others. That’s all we have before we just go heavy into spoiler territory.


The child has a name. The child has a past. He was a young Jedi in training and he trained with some of the masters. Someone rescued him from that fateful day at the temple and he has spent decades hiding his powers so as not to be found. That’s heavy. He’s been through a lot and probably has war scars to match Mando’s.

We also learned that like the greatest and most powerful of the Jedi, Grogu loves and he loves Mando like a father. So much so that the Jedi they meet (more on that later) doesn’t want to train Grogu. A Jedi that loves is one that can cause insurmountable damage.

Ahsoka Tano

courtesy of Disney+

I’ve known for a while to expect Rosario Dawson. I was still unprepared for how I would feel seeing her as Ahsoka Tano. I’ve grown up with Dawson. In my pre-teens, she was the girl from Kids, a self-assured New Yorker that knew what she wanted out of life before even starting high school. In my twenties, she was the bohemian in Rent that made damaged look like something that was okay as long as you had on a fashionable coat. This is to say that I was on the Rosario Dawson bandwagon before I knew she would become a part of the Star Wars family.

Rooting for a cartoon character that is three-dimensional and strong is one thing. Having that cartoon character come to life in the form of Rosario Dawson has you screaming at the television. I will follow Ahsoka Tano anywhere and she needs to be on the show more. She’s after Admiral Thrawn and whether it’s part of this story or another, I’m there for it.

The Jedi Call

Ahsoka suggests they go to the planet Tython. Home to an ancient Jedi temple (possibly the first) Grogu can look inside himself to see if the Jedi is his path. If it is, possibly a Jedi will sense him and reach out. I wholeheartedly believe that Grogu’s path is to become a Jedi. I also believe this means that we are going to see Luke Skywalker soon. If Grogu’s powers are weak, but he has just enough to light a little Jedi light, who better to see this light out in the universe than Luke Skywalker?

There is a growing bad guy roster and they will be coming for our dynamic duo. Though there is darkness out there, our group grows. We have a Jedi ally, and now we have a name. A Jedi and a Mandalore fighting together, who would have thought of that?

Sabrina Monet
A writer surviving in the Bay Area. When I'm not working, I'm trying to finish my manuscript or consuming unhealthy amounts of television. I watched Return of the Jedi on the big screen and have been a fan since. In 1998, I crashed a media event and stole one of the signs as a memento that I was there - George Lucas saw me do it.