The Mandalorian Chapter 14: The Tragedy

The title is foreboding. The excitement from chapter 13 couldn’t mask that there was something heavy up ahead. When you’re told to travel to the highest peak on a lone planet to send out a Jedi signal, it won’t just be good vibes headed towards you.

Mando was more prepared than I was. A butterfly couldn’t fly past Grogu without him worrying. It’s understandable. He’s a parent and the safety of his child is at stake in ways he can’t completely understand.

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I have my theories about where Grogu’s channeling of the force leads to, but let’s not lose sight of what happened at the bottom of the hill. The first ship that shows up has Boba Fett (played by Temuera Morrison) and Fennec (played by Ming-Na Wen). These two don’t show up here for a little conversation.

Boba Fett wants his father’s armor back. Without proving himself to Mando, I was on his side. It belonged to his father and it was part of his heritage. I agreed. He promises Mando to protect Grogu in exchange for the return of his armor.

There’s no time for them to hash out a proper agreement because stormtroopers show up.

Classic Mandalorian

Stormtroopers aren’t the best soldiers, but there is an unending supply of them. After Mando defeats a ship of them with the help of Fennec, a second ship arrives. That is when we see the original Mandalorian in all his glory. I wasn’t a Boba Fett fan before. I have spoken to fans that had Boba Fett lunch boxes and toys growing up. He’s important to them and if I felt a small pang watching him reclaim his father’s armor, then those that have been with him from the beginning were cheering.

The second ship of stormtroopers have been defeated, but there is something in the air. It BLOWS UP the Razor Crest. That I didn’t see coming. I know I was making fun of warranties the last time, but I didn’t expect them to get rid of it and start from scratch. This just tells me that no matter what we have to survive in the next two episodes, we have a sweet ride around the corner for Christmas.

If the loss of our ship wasn’t enough, the Grogu-juiced stormtroopers belonging to Moff Gideon show up. They grab Grogu and shoot off into the sky. Boba Fett hops onto his ship that’s still in one piece and chases after them. He tells them what he sees and they can’t believe it at first: The Empire is back.

Moff Gideon

Two things were accomplished on Tython. Grogu sent his message out into the universe. Mando has a team now made up of bounty hunters, two of which are Mandalorians trained in the crazy of The Watch. The Empire is strong, but there’s some heat headed in their direction.

Grogu force-choking two stormtroopers calmed me down. He’s going to be okay. They’re sending for the evil doctor, but Grogu is strong and his team is coming for him. Moff Gideon continues to be terrorizing. Giancarlo Esposito is channeling every bad guy he has ever played and he’s brilliant.

You can’t look at Moff Gideon as a fictional character that exists only in the Star Wars universe. You have to realize that Moff Gideon exists everywhere. On earth, he might own a chain of fast food joints that are a cover for smuggling. Gus Fring has Grogu and he wants to harness his energy. Are you scared?

We only have two more episodes before they leave us until the end of 2021. I have hopes and wishes, but I also don’t want to think too deeply about them at this time. I just can’t wait.

Sabrina Monet
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