The Mandalorian Chapter 16: The Rescue

The Mandalorian has felt special since the beginning. It didn’t feel like watching new work with new characters, it felt like home. It felt like tagging along with new friends that you’ve come to know quickly and you different worlds with them. Mando and Grogu never felt like new characters you had to introduce. They were authentic Star Wars from the very beginning. After the Jedi signal Grogu put out in The Tragedy I felt we would need a large payoff. That payoff was delivered.

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What Would Han Solo Do?

Mando and Boba Fett recruit Bo Katan for Operation: Rescue Grogu. She’s in it for the dark saber. The way they hustle their way onto the empirical fleet seemed like something Han Solo would do. The plan is that Mando will lock the room with the terminators and then head for Grogu. The rest of the group will disarm the ship and get Gideon.

I look at stormtroopers differently now. They used to be static characters with no identity that you saw right before you saw more important people. After Mayfeld, you can’t help but remember that they’re people too. Cara Dune is asked by the pilot if she knows how many lives were lost on the Death Star. The Mandalorian is acknowledging the fallen on both sides regardless of political leanings.

He Came to a Lightsaber Fight with a Beskar

Did you catch this before I did? I knew the beskar was important, but I was so swept away by everything happening that it never crossed my mind we would have to see lightsaber vs. beskar fight with Mando at the helm. It was brilliant. To those like me that never truly understood, I get it now. Mandalorian armor is the steel of the gods and not even a lightsaber can cut through it. Is there magic involved?

Gideon near the baby with the lightsaber was terrifying. Giancarlo Esposito is such a great actor he had me fooled for a moment. The look of empathy on his face when he tells Mando that he realizes his attachment to the child, I believed for a moment that he would let the child go. All future Star Wars creators, study Gideon in that scene. That’s how you make a bad guy that can be taken seriously.

A Jedi Answered

They have spent two years putting us in Mando’s shoes. We fend for ourselves and we drive beat-up ships through the universe. After we’re attacked by killer spiders there’s so much going on that we don’t get around to cleaning the webs until an episode or two later. We are 2020, just taking it one day at a time. They did such a great job of convincing us that we were on our own that when the chips were down, so were we. Then they gave us what we didn’t see coming – pure hope.

When the X-wing arrived my stomach started doing summersaults. I get lost looking for my own car in the Target parking lot, did any of you immediately recognize it as Luke’s X-Wing? When the lightsaber showed up I just started clapping. Again, they had trained us to just count on ourselves. We were not prepared for the arrival of the Jedi. Watching him destroy a fleet of terminators like they were cardboard props drove home the message – the Jedi is hope.

Luke Skywalker is such a boss that he doesn’t even give his name. He saves the day, retrieves the child, and bounces with R2-D2. He hadn’t even broken a sweat. That’s a mic drop. While you’re still in awe of this scene, you immediately have your heart broken into a million pieces when you see Mando take his helmet off to say goodbye to Grogu. The pain and joy of this finale were pure.

Season 3

I don’t know what is coming in season three. My gut tells me we have to watch all the shows for the varying, intersecting storylines. I’m there for all of it. The Mandalorian proves that you can add new characters and storylines to the Star Wars universe. The foundation is strong and when paid the right respect, the Force rewards you.

Sabrina Monet
A writer surviving in the Bay Area. When I'm not working, I'm trying to finish my manuscript or consuming unhealthy amounts of television. I watched Return of the Jedi on the big screen and have been a fan since. In 1998, I crashed a media event and stole one of the signs as a memento that I was there - George Lucas saw me do it.