The Mandalorian Chapter 10: The Passenger

This episode is a stepping stone to a bigger story. Any excuse to get screen time for Peli Motto is a good reason for me. The second episode of the season saw Mando being a good samaritan and giving a ride to Frog Lady (name and description the same), a woman needing to get to another planet to fertilize her eggs, her last chance to do so.

Frog Lady carries with her an incubator filled with her eggs. They are her precious future children, but also a tantalizing snack for the child. Mando has to warn him twice about not eating the unborn children before they reach their destination.

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Spotted by the Resistance

Hyperspeed is out of the question because it can harm the eggs, so Mando has to fly the unfriendly skies of space at normal speed. The Razor Crest is spotted by two X-Wings that ask for Mando’s license and registration. Unable to do so without showing that there is a warrant out for him, he decides to lose them.

A short chase ends with Mando crash-landing on an icy planet. The x-wings don’t follow the crash aircraft into the icy terrain below and from the moment they land, you get the feeling that that planet isn’t one you want to be on.

Frog Lady isn’t just an innocent bystander. She is able to hotwire the droid to use its translation software to speak to Mando. She implores him to get her to her destination, that she and her husband have risked their lives to get their future children to that planet. Mando tells her that the deal is off, the ship is broken and they may not have a way to get off the freezing planet. He goes to sleep without a real plan and the child snuggles up next to him. Frog Lady looks hopeless and that is our first night on the icy planet.

The child finds Mando the next day fixing the ship and indicates that something is wrong. Frog Lady has taken off. They follow her footsteps into an icy cave where she’s found a thermal pool. She is in it bathing with her eggs. Nearby are small egg-shaped stones reminiscent of the gnomes from Frozen. The child does what it has done best this episode and he finds a way to consume the contents of the small rock.

Cold and Prickly Inhabitants

The rock is in fact an egg and when the child presses on the top, it unfolds and opens like the eggs in Aliens and he reaches in and grabs the insides, gobbling up what appears to be an insect of some sort. While he chews on this, the other rocks hatch and creepy ice spiders of varying sizes come crawling out.

Mando sees the new/old inhabitants of the cave and he tells Frog Lady that they have to go. They grab all of her eggs and put it back into their incubating container before making a run for the Razor Crest. The chase scene that follows was magnificent, but this viewer tapped out. Spiders creep her out. She was happy that Mando had small bombs that detonated and killed them.

The spiders follow them onto the ship and Mando could not have utilized fire sooner. The spiders infect the ship and they three lock themselves in the cockpit. The large mama spider finds their aircraft similar to the climactic scene in Aliens. Mando doesn’t have to morph into Ridley. Saving shots are fired from off-screen killing the invading spiders. Mando bravely heads out of the aircraft to see the x-wing pilots shooting the creepy spiders and saving the day.


The two pilots inform Mando that there is a warrant out for his arrest. There is also evidence that he helped to secure three priority culprits and tried to protect Lieutenant Daven. Because of this, they let it slide in these trying times and decide not to take him in. They leave but do not help him get the Razor Crest up and running.

Mando sighs for small favors and restored the aircraft to the best of his ability. They strap in, take off, and head to Frog Lady’s promised planet. Something tells me we will find a lot more than a birthplace on this planet.

This episode was a short, simple episode, but I definitely feel it is a lead-up to something more in episode three. We’re taking a slow burn now after that epic first episode, but this season remains exciting.

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