The Mandalorian Chapter 11: The Heiress

Razor Crest, Check Engine Light

How many people can count the number of times they screamed out during this episode? Frog Lady and her eggs make it safely to her husband. It’s love and a happy ending/beginning for a side quest that has been accomplished. Now we’re looking for more Mandalorians.

At what point does a ship become a salvage title? Mando seems like the kind of driver that doesn’t mind if the gas cap doesn’t close right. He pays workers a thousand credits to fix the Razor Crest and then he heads to a cantina to find out where someone that looks like him can be found. It leads him to a ship…on the water.

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Don’t Worry Brother, We’ve Got This

Seeing Mando and the child out in the middle of the ocean was beautiful. Moments later they’re double-crossed and almost fed to a large squid. Maybe the Razor Crest is still the safest place for them. The child closes his egg-shaped carriage when the monster closes its large mouth around him and Mando dives into the water to try and save him.

I knew that we would get storylines from the Clone Wars, but I was not expecting Bo-Katan to show up to save them. So much happened in the span of seconds that all I could do was blink. Bo-Katan (played by Katee Sackhoff who also voiced the character in Rebels) was standing there in the flesh. They were continuing on the Mandalore line. Mando was a child of The Watch. Who saw that coming?

Duchess Satine was one of my favorite characters from Clone Wars. If we are revisiting that storyline and learning more about them, I’m here for it. Seeing Bo-Katan from Rebels was so exciting that if we ever saw a flashback scene with Duchess Satine I would probably faint.

I Can Lead You to One of Their Kind

The Mandalores want to take over a weapons ship. Their mission is to return the weapons to Mandalore and rebuild. Also, Bo-Katan is going for the dark saber. She will succeed where Sabine Wren didn’t. Does anyone have a feeling that with the story of the dark saber we will run into Luke Skywalker sometime in this storyline? I believe so.

Titus Welliver makes a guest appearance as the Imperial Captain. Though he’s fighting for the Empire, he still manages to go out Bosch-style. His kamikaze plan doesn’t succeed and the Mandalores gain control of the ship. They ask Mando to stay, but he tells them that he has to stay on his main quest.

The action sequence was top-notch as usual. The Mandalores are strong, but they’re not Mando walking through a blaze of gunfire to throw two grenades while a plane is nose-diving kind of strong. That’s a level of stupid tough that only a lone cowboy like Mando has.

Bo-Katan tells him to go to the planet of Corvus and look for Ahsoka Tano, to tell her that Bo-Katan sent them. If you followed the Clone Wars and Rebels, this is the point in the episode when you started crying. Two characters that we watched grow into adulthood are now rebels in the resistance, but they’re adults now and they’re still going strong.

Ahsoka Tano is now our destination and the ties between the Mandalores and the Jedi continue.

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